Make Xhorse Toyota smart key tips

Some Xhorse Key Tool Plus users who have Toyota Smart Key Adapters reported issues when making Toyota smart keys.

To prevent these problems from occurring in future work, we would like to share these concerns with everyone.

Users inquired about making a new Toyota smart key, AKL.

The data from the smart box for intelligent authentication was read successfully, the remote is also generated successfully using the xm38 Toyota special smart card, but it cannot be started in an emergency.

Tips: to do Toyota smart key AKL, users need to first generate a Toyota smart card corresponding to the chassis number from the XM38 Toyota remote.

If you don’t know the specific type, you can ask a professional to inquire.

For example, the version number 0010 of the 2000 Toyota Camry, and the version number of 2015 Lexus is 2110, all need to generate the corresponding card first, and then use the generated card to load the data of the smart box to generate an emergency key.

In some special cases, after generating a smart card with the same version number as the VIN, it is necessary to remove the battery and then generate an emergency start key.

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