How to deal with smart key not send the frequency

If your key doesn’t send frequency anymore. Note that these ideas are not guaranteed to work and may damage your keys. If possible, you should contact your car manufacturer or dealer as soon as possible for professional assistance.

1.Check the transmitter module: The transmitter module in the key is a key component for transmitting radio frequency signals. If the module is damaged, the key will not be able to transmit signals. In this case, the key transmitter module needs to be replaced.

2.Check the antenna: The antenna of the key transmitter module may also be damaged, which will affect the transmission of the signal. In this case, it is necessary to check the key antenna, usually a circle of conductor lines around the key circuit board, to see if there is an open circuit.

3.Check the batteries: If the key battery is low, it will cause the transmitter module not to work properly, and sometimes there will be no signal even though the LED light on the remote is blinking. In this case, the key battery needs to be replaced, and the frequency returns to normal after the battery is replaced.

4.Check the components on the circuit board for short circuit: The key circuit connector is connected to various electronic components. If the connection is poor or short circuited, the key will not be able to transmit signals. In this case, you can use a multimeter to measure the short circuit, or use an electronic magnifying glass to check the connection status of the components on the circuit board.

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The electronic components themselves are damaged, except for example transistors, capacitors, resistors, etc. If the function of the key transmitting signal fails, these components need to be checked one by one to find the damaged parts and replace them. This requires a certain knowledge of electronic circuits.

It should be noted that if you are not sure which components cause the failure of the key signal not to be transmitted, it is best to send the key to a professional repairer for inspection and maintenance. Before making repairs, make sure you have the right tools and the necessary knowledge to avoid further damage to your keys.


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