VVDI BIM Tool Pro V1.8.6 Update Notice

Dear users,

We are pleased to inform you that Xhorse VVDI BIM Tool Pro has been updated to V1.8.6 version, which is an enhanced edition tool for BMW vehicles, with the following features:

– Added Ethernet port, support 10/100M programming via Ethernet.
– Support WIFI 802.1b/g, 150Mbps high-speed connection, and WIFI OTA upgrade.
– Support DoIP Vehicle/Module Programming.
– Support BMW ECU programming (NBT/CIC) (connect via network cable).
– Greatly speed up the F/G Chassis programming (connect via network cable).
– Support BMW E-sys and Rheingold Diagnostic System. Able to replace the specialized devices. (connect via network cable).
– Support directly read ISN data without disassembling the ECU (N13 / N20 / N55 / N63).

V1.8.6 version also fixed some known bugs and optimized some functions. You can download the latest software from the following link:


If you have not purchased VVDI BIM Tool Pro yet, we strongly recommend you to order it as soon as possible, because it is an essential tool for automotive maintainers, which can provide you with comprehensive BMW vehicle services, including OBD key learning, file key making, mileage correction, EEPROM reading, ECU synchronization, FEM/BDC system generating key and so on.

Thank you for your support and trust in Xhorse, we will continue to provide you with better products and services.

Xhorseshop.us Team

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