Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro and Key Tool Max Comparison

Do you know how to choose between Xhorse vvdi key tool max pro and key tool max, and which one suits you better?

Four features in newly released Xhorse key tool max pro that you should notice

Key tool max vs key tool max pro

1.Expanded feature, built-in CAN_FD Module

In regard to immo programming, key tool max pro comes with a CAN_FD module, which supports many CAN_FD models like Buick GL8, Encore, Cadillac CT4/CT5, etc. Xhorse consistently offers free updating and car models supported to enhance the user experience.

2.Key programming for BWM CAS3 and partial Toyota models

To make it a more competitive and functional tool, new key programming features for BMW CAS3 and some Toyota models are on the way. New updates for the device is continuously underway, users can expect more!

3.Battery Test Module

This new feature is added to meet the demand of car locksmiths, with connection to the leakage detection cable, it allows them to test electric leakage problem of a remote battery (range: 1A-35A), and the voltage of a remote battery(range: 0V~36V).

4.OBD Module

Previously, users use KEY TOOL MAX PRO and MINI OBD TOOL together in order to have various works done through wireless connection.

Now, Key tool max pro has an OBD cable that can be connected to auto OBDII port, so users can save the money to buy MINI OBD TOOL for immo programming and other functions. Besides, wire connection is secure, reliable and low risk.


In summary, VVDI key tool max pro combines key tool max pro and mini obd tool functions 2 in 1, with adapter module and battery voltage test.

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