Xhorse VAG MQB48 NEX35xx Locked Cluster Part Number List

The Xhorse VAG MQB48 NEX35xx is a tool that can read and write the data of the instrument cluster for VAG MQB platform vehicles.

However, some clusters are locked and cannot be accessed by the tool. These clusters have specific part numbers that indicate their locked status.

Here is a list of the locked cluster part numbers for your reference:

NEC35xx Locked Cluster List (VVDI2+ KEY TOOL PLUS)
Brand Model Cluster Number Type
Audi Q3 81A920940A VDO+MQB
A3/S3/Q2 8V0920860E VDO+MQB
8V0920860G VDO+MQB
8V0920860N/P VDO+MQB
8V0920861/A/H/N VDO+MQB
8V0920870H VDO+MQB
8V0920872B VDO+MQB
8V0920960A VDO+MQB
8V0920960B VDO+MQB
8V0920960H VDO+MQB
8V0920960M VDO+MQB
8V0920961C VDO+MQB
Q2L 8V0920740B RH850 Not Supported
VW Golf VII (Golf 7) 5G0920640A JCI+MQB
5G0920860/A VDO+MQB
5G0920861/A VDO+MQB
5G0920871A VDO+MQB
5G0920950 VDO+MQB
5G0920960A VDO+MQB
5G0920640A VDO+MQB
5G0920640C JCI+MQB
5G0920641A JCI+MQB
5G0920656B VDO+MQB
5G0920730B JCI+MQB
5G0920731A JCI+MQB
5G0920740 VDO+MQB
5G0920740A VDO/JCI+MQB
5G0920740B VDO/JCI+MQB
5G0920740C VDO/JCI+MQB
5G0920740D JCI+MQB
5G0920741 VDO+MQB
5G0920741A VDO/JCI+MQB
5G0920741B JCI+MQB
5G0920741C JCI+MQB
5G0920741D JCI+MQB
5G0920750D JCI+MQB
5G0920751B VDO+MQB
5G0920751C VDO+MQB
5G0920756A VDO+MQB
5G0920756C VDO+MQB
5G0920790 VDO+MQB
5G0920790A VDO+MQB
5G0920790B VDO+MQB
5G0920791 VDO+MQB (full LCD)
5G0920791A VDO+MQB (full LCD)
5G0920791B VDO+MQB (full LCD)
5G0920795B VDO+MQB
5G0920840 VDO+MQB
5G0920840A VDO+MQB
5G0920840B VDO+MQB
5G0920841 VDO+MQB
5G0920856 VDO+MQB
5G0920931 JCI+MQB
5G0920940B VDO+MQB
5G0920940C JCI+MQB
5G0920940D JCI+MQB
5G0920957 VDO+MQB
5G0920630 JCI+MQB
5G0920630A JCI+MQB
5G0920630B JCI+MQB
5G0920630C JCI+MQB
5G0920640A JCI+MQB
5G0920640B JCI+MQB
5G0920640C JCI+MQB
5G0920640D JCI+MQB
GTI 51G920630 JCI+MQB
51G920630B VDO+MQB
51G920630C VDO+MQB
51G920656A VDO+MQB (BGA)
Magotan 3G0920740A JCI+MQB
3G0920741A JCI+MQB
3G0920741B JCI+MQB
3G0920741C JCI+MQB
3G0920751A VDO/JCI+MQB
3G0920751B VDO/JCI+MQB
3G0920751C JCI+MQB
3G0920790C VDO+MQB
3G0920791A VDO+MQB (full LCD)
3G0920791B VDO+MQB (full LCD)
3G0920791C VDO+MQB (full LCD)
3G0920791D VDO+MQB (full LCD)
3G0920941B JCI+MQB
3G0920951A JCI+MQB
3G1920794C VDO+MQB
3GD920640D RH850 Not supported
3GD920650/A/B JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
CC 3GG920650 JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
3GG920650A JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
55G920650 JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
T-Roc 2GA920740 VDO+MQB
2GD920640 JCI+MQB
2GD920640A JCI+MQB
2GD920790A RH850 Not supported
Jetta 31G920850A VDO/JCI+ IMMO4
17A920740 VDO+MQB
17A920840 VDO+MQB
Sagitar 17G920640 JCI+MQB
Bora 19G920640 JCI+MQB
19G920640A JCI+MQB
19G920650 JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
19G920650A JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
Passat Variant 3G0920650A JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
3G0920650B JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
3G0920650C JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
3G0920650D JCI+MQB (BGA Color dash)
Polo 6RD920860G VDO+MQB
6C0920730/A/B/C/D/F/G/K VDO+MQB
6C0920731A VDO+MQB
6C0920740/A VDO+MQB
6C0920740C VDO+MQB
6C0920740E VDO+MQB
6C0920741A VDO+MQB
6C0920741C VDO+MQB
6C0920741E VDO+MQB
6C0920746/B VDO+MQB
6C0920746B VDO+MQB
6C0920940A/E VDO+MQB
6C0920941A VDO+MQB
6C0920946C VDO+MQB
6RF920860Q IMMO4
6RF920861/B/C IMMO4
6RF920862B IMMO4
6RU920861 IMMO4
Lamando 5GD920630 VDO+MQB
5GD920630A VDO+MQB
5GD920640 VDO+MQB
5GD920640A VDO+MQB
5GD920640B JCI+MQB
5GD920650 VDO+MQB
5GD920730 VDO+MQB
5GD920750 VDO+MQB
5GD920790 RH850 not supported
5G6920870 VDO+MQB
5GE920870 VDO+MQB
Teramont 3CG920791 VDO+MQB
3CG920791A VDO+MQB
3CN920850 VDO+MQB
5NG920650 VDO+MQB
5NG920650C/D RH850 not supported
Tiguan L 5NA920750A VDO+MQB
5NA920751 VDO+MQB
5NA920790B VDO+MQB
5NA920790C VDO+MQB
5NA920791 VDO+MQB
5NA920791A VDO+MQB
5NA920791B VDO+MQB (full LCD)
5NA920791C VDO+MQB  (full LCD)
5NA920850B VDO+MQB
5NA920891B VDO+MQB
5NA920650A/B VDO+MQB
5NA920650C RH850 not supported
Touran 5TA920740A JCI+MQB
5TA920740B VDO+MQB
5TA920741A JCI+MQB
5TA920751A JCI+MQB
5TA920751B JCI+MQB
Teramont 2GG920640 RH850 not supported
Passat 56D920861 IMMO4
56D920861A Encrypted and non-encrypted versions
56D920871 IMMO4
56D920871A Encrypted and non-encrypted versions
3GB920640/A/B/C RH850 not supported
3GB920790 RH850 not supported
Lavida 19D920640 JCI+MQB
18D920850/A VDO+IMMO4
18D920860/A VDO+IMMO4
18D920870A VDO+IMMO4
Santana 34D920850B VDO/JCI+IMMO4
34D920860 IMMO4
Skoda Fabia 5JD920810E IMMO4
Rapid 32D92085X IMMO4
32D92086X IMMO4
Kamiq 18A920870/A VDO+IMMO4
Karoq 56G920710 JCI+MQB
56G920730/A/C VDO+MQB
Kodiaq 56G920750/A VDO+MQB
Octavia 5ED920850/A VDO+MQB
5ED920850B VDO+MQB
5ED920860B JCI+MQB
5ED920730 JCI+MQB
5ED920730B JCI+MQB
5ED920730C JCI+MQB
5ED920730E JCI+MQB
5ED920731 JCI+MQB
5ED920731B JCI+MQB
5ED920740 VDO+MQB
5ED920741 VDO+MQB
5ED920750 VDO+MQB
5ED920756E VDO+MQB
5ED920780B JCI+MQB
5ED920780C JCI+MQB
5ED920780D JCI+MQB
5ED920780E JCI+MQB
5ED920780F JCI+MQB
5ED920781B JCI+MQB
5ED920781C JCI+MQB
5ED920781D JCI+MQB
5ED920781E JCI+MQB
5ED920781F JCI+MQB
5ED920861B/D VDO+MQB
5ED920871D VDO+MQB
5ED920961D VDO+MQB
5ED920981E VDO+MQB
5JA920700 VDO+MQB
5JA920700A VDO+MQB
5JA920741 VDO+MQB
5JA920747B VDO+MQB
Superb 3V0920710 VDO+MQB
3V0920740A VDO+MQB
3V0920741B VDO+MQB
3V0920730 VDO+MQB
3V0920740A VDO+MQB
3V0920750 VDO+MQB
3V0920740A VDO+MQB
3V0920750 VDO+MQB
3V0920750A VDO+MQB
5F0920740D VDO+MQB
5F0920741D VDO+MQB
5F0920861 VDO+MQB
5F0920862A VDO+MQB
5F0920862F VDO+MQB
6V0920700A VDO+MQB
6V0920710 VDO+MQB
6V0920740 VDO+MQB
6V0920740A VDO+MQB
6V0920744 VDO+MQB
6V0920746B VDO+MQB
6V0920946C VDO+MQB
Seat Toledo 6JA920730H VDO+MQB
6JA920740F VDO+MQB
6JA920740H VDO+MQB
6JA920741F VDO+MQB
Ibiza 6P0920730B VDO+MQB
6P0920731A VDO+MQB
6P0920740 VDO+MQB
6P0920741A VDO+MQB
6P0920740B VDO+MQB
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If you encounter any of these part numbers on your cluster, you will not be able to use the Xhorse VAG MQB48 NEX35xx tool to read or write the data.

You will need to use another method or tool to unlock the cluster first.

Please be careful and check the part number before using the tool to avoid any damage or error.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact XhorseShop.us support for help.

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