BMW Motorcycle OBD Matching Smart Key Tips With VVDI2

Xhorse Key Tool Plus and VVDI2 have added a function that allows locksmiths to match BMW motorcycle keys without the need to take apart ECU.

Here are a few important things to remember when using this new function with VVDI2.

  1. To match a BMW motorcycle key using VVDI2, the process is similar to matching a BMW car key. It requires unlocking (pre-processing) the control unit first. Only after the pre-processing unlock is completed, can a dealer key be generated for matching purposes.
  2. If you encounter a situation where Xhorse VVDI2 cannot recognize or generate a key after unlocking the control unit, even after repeatedly adjusting the key’s position and removing the circuit board, the key remains unrecognized.

However, the chip recognition function of VVDI2 can identify the type of chip. In such cases, we need to go to the “Options” – “Settings” in the top right corner of VVDI2 interface and change the default value of 0 to 1. After making this change, try the operation again. If users are using Key Tool Plus for the operation, then this problem will be avoided.

  1. Another important point to note is that, just like matching BMW car keys, it is essential to back up the coding before performing the pre-processing on the control unit. Otherwise, the coding will be lost after the pre-processing unlock is completed.

How to get Xhorse VVDI BMW Motorcycle OBD Key Learning Authorization for VVDI2/Key Plus Tool:

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