Audi A5 2015 make key by VVDI2 can’t get BCM 2 data solution

I need to create a new key for a 2015 Audi A5 AKL. I can obtain the identification and key count (3) through OBD, but I’m unable to retrieve BCM 2 data after stepping on the brake and turning on the lights. I also attempted to read it using Xhorse VVDI 2 on a bench, but it failed. I’m unsure if it’s an encrypted system.

How the problem could be resolved:

1: Try Xhorse key tool plus with bcm2 adapter

2: Encrypted one read on bench with vvdi2

3: Read by vvdi prog, then put the dump file in vvdi2, and then make dealer key.

4: You need bcm2 adapter with vvdi prog or key tool plus. Encrypted use the bcm2 adapters.

Customer feedback:  its model is encrypted (0650) ! I bought VVDI BCM2 adapter for this job!

How to get Xhorse BCM2 Audi Solder-Free Adapters For Key Tool PLUS/VVDI Prog/VVDI2:

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