Xhorse Key Tool Plus adds key for Land Rover Evoque by OBD

Xhorse Key Tool Plus can work with JLR vehicles, with a specific cutoff at the year 2018. For JLR models manufactured before 2018, users have the option to program keys either through OBD port or by reading KVM on a bench. On the other hand, for JLR vehicles produced after 2018, key programming can be done by cloning key information via OBD port or by replacing RFA chip on a bench.


Here we share a customer’s review of keytool plus based on a test conducted on a 2017 Land Rover Evoque.


Vehicle: 2017 Land Rover Evoque

Task: Adding a second key via OBD

I successfully used key tool plus to add a second key to my Land Rover Evoque via the OBD port. The process was smooth and hassle-free, which pleasantly surprised me. Furthermore, it supports changeable ID keys, allowing me to customize and personalize my keys according to my preferences. The best part is that I could use the existing key slot, making the entire key programming experience even more convenient.

In comparison to other devices, such as the ACDP and Autel, I encountered some issues. While I typically use the ACDP for my key programming needs, it failed to recognize my keys this time, resulting in an error related to the key ID. Similarly, the Autel device was unable to proceed due to unsupported software. However, the key tool plus proved to be a standout performer. It was incredibly user-friendly, providing a seamless key programming experience. In fact, I can confidently say that this tablet outperformed the ACDP by a whopping 100%.

As a fellow buyer, I highly recommend Xhorse tablet for your JLR vehicle key programming needs. Whether you’re working with JLR models pre-2018 or the latest releases, this tool offers exceptional performance and convenience. Trust in the Key Tool Plus to simplify your key programming tasks and deliver outstanding results.

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