Xhorse universal TPMS sensor for key tool max pro

Xhorse universal TPMS sensor (tire pressure monitoring sensor) will be available for purchase soon!

This sensor is compatible with key tool max pro for usage.

This new tool features outstanding performance, can provide perfect support for 98% of car models and free TPMS function upgrade service to keytool max pro.

  1. Xhorse vvdi key tool max proTPMS Functions:
  • Support XTPMS programming, up to 20 sensors simultaneously
  • Reprogram XTPMS sensor
  • Activate original TPMS and XTPMS sensor (315Mhz, 433Mhz)
  • Copy and change sensor ID
  • Read TPMS data like tire pressure, temperature, battery, etc.
  • Support OBD reading, writing, read & clear DTCs
  • Compatible with multiple car models, support for more models coming soon

Tire pressure function introduction

xhorse-universal-tpms-sensor-02.jpg xhorse-universal-tpms-sensor-03.jpg xhorse-universal-tpms-sensor-04.jpg xhorse-universal-tpms-sensor-05.jpg

  1. How can youupgrade TPMS functionality on keytool max pro?
    Launch keytool max pro device and click”Update” option to upgrade the application to version 2.0.2 or a higher version.

Choose TPMS function, if app shows a “no database” message, navigate to Update center and download TPMS software.

Once the TPMS software is successfully installed, the TPMS function will be available for immediate use.

Note: TPMS function has not been officially made available on Xhorse key tool max pro yet.

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