Xhorse Dolphin XP 008 for Special Keys

Xhorse Dolphin XP 008 was released by Xhorse in 2022. Key cutting machines of Xhorse are divided into general-purpose comprehensive type and special-purpose type, so which type does XP-008 belong to?

XP-008 is a special manual key cutting machine specially designed for bit/pump and safe deposit box keys on the market, and it supports lever lock key.

XP-008 is an all-aluminum body with a firm and light structure. The rotatable four-position clamp enable more possibilities, micro-adjustment knob meets the requirements of higher precision cutting, 0-45 degree rotation bench allows cutting at different inclination angles, and wide clamp space fits for keys of different length.

key cutting machine for external key bitting in the market cannot cut lever lock key, even the supported device can only be used for one or two types of keys (lever lock keys include special keys for vault special lock, automatic teller machine locks, bank security cabinet locks, and King Kong padlocks).


Therefore, if you often come into contact with such lever lock keys in your work, you can choose to purchase Xhorse Dolphin XP 008 to meet the needs of operation. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, XP-008 is small in size and supports many types, and it will also make your work more professional!



Watch product display video:

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