How to Cut Lexus key with Xhorse Dolphin XP005 and M5 Clamp

Here are the step-by-step instructions for cutting Lexus TOY48 using Xhorse Dolphin XP005 and M5 clamp:

The newly released M5 clamp by Xhorse rejuvenates old CNC machines since it can work with all Xhorse automotive key-cutting machines. This tool also combines all the functions of m1 clamp and m2 clamp, perfectly supporting the clamping operation of common keys and some special keys.

Devices used

1.Cutting key procedure

1.Put Xhorse M5 clamp on the Xhorse dolphin xp 005 key cutting machine

2.Go to cutting setting on Xhorse App-click “M5” clamp

3.Go to all key lost-choose “Lexus”-put in lost key code 44137-it shows use the “M5-B clamp Tip align Align line 2”- flip over M5 clamp to B side-put the key on position number two-hit”cut key”on App- xp005 dolphin works as usual.

4.After cutting the other side-test the key-successfully open the lock.

As anticipated, Xhorse dolphin xp-005 is fully compatible with the M5 clamp without any issues!

As claimed, it should also function seamlessly with other Xhorse Key Cutting Machines.

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