How to Cut Shoulder Stop Keys with Xhorse Dolphin or Condor?

Here are some helpful instructions for cutting shoulder stop keys using Xhorse dolphin or condor key cutting machine.

This is our M1 jaw, and you can notice a groove on it. The shoulder stop has a small lip that fits into this groove, serving as the shoulder stop.

We will cut a key for a Suzuki motorcycle. Dolphin xp005 software does not have Suz18 listed. However, you can cut Suz18 using the YM63 option, and we obtained the key code from Lishi.

We are making a copy of the bike key.

Let’s use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max. We are already connected.

Navigate to All Keys Lost>Yamaha, enter code A7354, and you need internet connection to perform the code search.

It shows the M1 clamp shoulder alignment, which is 2 4 3 1 3 1 4. Now, let’s place the key in the jaw and attach the shoulder stop. Slide the key and push the shoulder stop into the designated groove. Keep pushing the key until it reaches the shoulder stop.

You will repeat the process again. Place the shoulder stop in the groove and slide the key until it reaches the shoulder stop. Then, clamp it in place. After that, put this back on my little magnet up here and tighten the grub screw. The magnets on top of the machine work very effectively.

Now we are fully prepared to cut the key. Simply proceed and press the “Cutting Key” button. The dolphin xp005 will take care of the rest.

We have obtained the key. Just loosen the grub screw, remove the key, and use it to start the bike. The key functions perfectly.

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