Xhorse App download, register and user instruction

Xhorse APP is a comprehensive locksmith platform. It provides assistance for all your locksmith needs, including accessing the latest Xhorse information, contacting technical support, managing your Xhorse devices, earning bonus points and gifts, and much more. Users can experience the convenience and benefits of this APP.

1.Xhorse app download and install
There are 2 ways to download App, scan the QR code or download App from Google Play store.

a)Scan the QR code for Xhorse App.

b)On your mobile phone (Android or iOS), search for “Xhorse” in the Google Play Store.

c) Install and open app, scroll through the basic information displayed, and tap “TRY IT NOW” to proceed.

2.Create an Account and Register
a)Tap “Quick login (Sign up)”.
b)Tap “+86” to change the country code.

c)Enter your country and tap on your country code.

d)Enter your phone number and tap on “Send”.
If you’re registering using your phone, you’ll need to complete a captcha. Use lowercase letters and no spaces.

e)After completing the captcha, you’ll receive a text message with a verification code. Enter the verification code in the “security code” box and tap on “Login”.

f)You’ll be prompted to create a password (remember this as you will be logged out periodically).

g)Once your password is entered, you’ll receive a message to tap on “Continue” and add an “Avatar” photo and a “Nickname”.

h)After completing all these steps, you will see the screen below. Congratulations! You have successfully registered for this App.

3. Contact Xhorse Customer Service on Xhorse App
a)Click “Customer Service” located at the bottom.

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b)Select either the App online service or WeChat online service.

c)Choose the type of question you have (Xhorse condor mini, Xhorse VVDI, Xhorse chip & remotes, Xhorse Mini OBD, or other Xhorse tools).

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