What can locksmiths do with Xhorse APP

Xhorse APP is a complete platform and solution for locksmith, and it helps its users every day. Read this article to ensure you have fully explored its features and benefits.

How to download App? please refer to:

Xhorse App download, register and user instruction


  1. Function:


  1. How to start using this App?

Choose language>> Log in to your account to start the amazing journey 



  1. Get Xhorse app bonus points function and exchange bonus points for gifts

Choose “Shop”>>bonus points mall >>select the function you want



  1. Talk to Xhorse official technical support team to solve your questions quickly and effectively

Click “online service”>> Select consultation way: APP online service, WeChat official account or Customer hotline



  1. Control your Xhorse devices on smartphone and enjoy great convenience at hand

The devices included are VVDI Mini Key Tool, Condor XC Mini Plus ii, VVDI Key Tool plus, Mini OBD, VVDI Mini Prog, and other similar tools.



  1. Connect to/switch your Xhorse devices

  • Connect toXhorse device, here take VVDI Mini Key Tool for example:
  1. Power on VVDI Mini Key Tool, press “select” button on the Xhorse APP.
  2. AllowXhorse to access the device’s location.
  3. The application will show a list of all available devices, select the one you wantto connect.
  4. Choose database language and proceed.
  5. Now, VVDI Mini Key Tool is successfully connected.
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  • Switch your Xhorsedevices

Click “switch device”>>choose device>>click “Cut by Bitting”


  1. A comprehensive database of vehicles beyond your imagination

Choose the option “Vehicle Remote” or “Garage Remote” to find the specific vehicle you want to use.

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