Xhorse VVDI Remotes: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Xhorse VVDI Remotes are divided into four series: XK, XN, XE, and XS. There are many styles, which work with thousands of car models, and support repeated generation, stable and reliable, excellent quality and favorable price, and have been widely praised.

However, many beginners have questions when facing these remotes, such as: how to distinguish the type of remotes? What is the difference between different series of remotes? What remote should I use to make a car? How to accumulate remote points? How to look for usage records? Can I replace the remote style without matching? What should I do if the button fails after matching? Therefore, we give users answers below.

  1. Xhorse VVDI Remotesclassification

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Wired remote [XK series]

Ordinary wired remote 

Simplified style wired remote

Wireless remote

Wireless electronic remote [XN series]

Wireless super remote [XE series]

Smart remote [XS series] 

NXP smart remote

XM38 smart remote

  1. Xhorse remote keytutorial

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The following operations can be completed with any VVDI generation device:

  • Device detection for remoteinformation
  • remotepoint rules
  • Querying remoteusage records
  • Intelligent remotecloning
  • Customization of remotebuttons
  1. Xhorseremote key series collection

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