Xhorse key tool max pro function upgrade

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro is an advanced device for locksmiths under XHORSE. In addition to meeting the most basic needs such as transponder and remote identification, clone, and generation, it is also equipped with OBD matching function. For customers who are entering the automotive locksmith industry and do not want to invest too much capital, it is a good choice.

Key tool max pro is also gradually adding support for some special car models. Recently, it has been upgraded to include BMW CAS1-CAS3 IMMO programming, as well as data processing and writing startup files for older EWS models. It can also read the ISN of certain vehicles, addressing the ISN requirements in akl operations. Additionally, there has been an upgrade for some Toyota 8A-4D all key lost, which can essentially meet the requirements of ordinary locksmiths for Toyota add key/all key lost operations.

Key Tool Max Pro also includes the feature of resetting the maintenance light to zero after maintenance. It can perform a microcurrent check on the remote control to detect any potential leakage, verify the battery level of commonly used remote controls and replace them if necessary, as well as decrypt and clone access cards.

Therefore, if you are a user of Xhorse vvdi mini key tool and want to further deepen your expertise in this field without making excessive investments, then key tool max pro is a good option for you to advance. However, if you already have vvdi key tool plus, you can disregard this device. VVDI Key Tool Plus is currently the most comprehensive device with integrated functions under XHORSE.

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