How to Choose Xhorse Cutter and Probe will provide guidance on selecting the right Xhorse cutter and probe in this post.

Xhorse probe choice

Machines like the Dolphin XP005L are self-calibrated and come with a single 1.0mm probe.

Therefore, you should use this probe regardless of which cutters you select.

Dolphin XP007 and other manual machines come with a dual-sided probe that has two different sizes – 1.5mm on one side and 2.5mm on the other side.

It is important to use the correct size of the probe with the matching cutter, i.e., use the 1.5mm probe with a 1.5mm cutter and the 2.5mm probe with a 2.5mm cutter.


Xhorse cutter choice

There are three types of cutters available: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm.

When working with keys that have widely spaced bittings, such as VW HU66, it’s recommended to use a 2.5mm cutter. On the other hand, for keys with closer spaced bittings like TOY43 and VW HU162T, a 1.5mm cutter is preferable. Using a 2.0mm or 2.5mm cutter in such cases may result in incorrect cuts on neighboring bittings.

We usually choose a 2.0mm cutter because it can handle some of the key types that are compatible with both 2.5mm and 1.5mm cutters.


It is recommended to have a higher quantity of 2.0mm cutters and a lower quantity of 2.5mm cutters prepared.

Although we do not frequently use 1.5mm cutters due to their thinness and susceptibility to wear and tear, it may still be beneficial to have more of them prepared.

If you notice that the machine is making loud noises and the keys are feeling rough, it may indicate that the cutters need to be replaced.

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I hope this information proves useful!

Cutters and probes recommended:

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