What is Xhorse FT-OBD tool used for?

When using Xhorse app, many users see FT-OBD tool and inquire about its function.

Here Xhorseshop.us gives them the answer.

Xhorse FT-OBD tool is a new handy bluetooth device for Toyota/Lexus key programming, not yet for sale. When it is used for Toyota key programming (for pre-2016 & 2016 onwards), users can generate remote with mini key tool, then program key with FT-OBD tool.

Function guidance

1) Select from model, Immo system, Remote system, Smart Key before 2016, Smart Key after 2016: select type for key programming.

2) Generate emergency key: connect to vvdi mini key tool to generate emergency key

3) Self-query password: buy PIN code

4) Help: data about Toyota immo

5) More functions: history, test function, self-test…

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