Getting Tokens for Xhorse Dolphin II and VVDI MB Tool

Some locksmiths wonder how to get free tokens daily for Xhorse Dolphin 2 XP005L and VVDI MB Tool, here is guidance from

Let’s take Xhorse KEY TOOL PLUS Tokens for example, and the system applies to every Xhorse device.

How to get tokens?

  1. You can buy tokens from your dealer.

  1. After combining your Xhorsemachines with your account you receive free token every day.

Here’s a chart showing how many tokens you receive if you combine Xhorse machines.


  • When you have 2 sets of Xhorse machines, like the CONDOR MINI and DOLPHIN XP-005, combining them allows you to receive 2 free tokens every day. Please note that tokens do not accumulate.
  • By combining 3 machines, such as the CONDOR MINI PLUS, CONDOR XC-002, and DOLPHIN XP-005, you can also obtain 2 free tokens per day.

How to Combine Xhorse dolphin 2 with vvdi mb tool to get 1 free token per day?

Capture a photo of your ID and serial number of our US-shipped dolphin xp-005l and vvdi mb, and send it to our customer service. Please make sure that all the necessary information is included in a single picture.


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