Top CNC Machine Brands Worldwide: Are You Familiar With?

As a locksmith, it’s common to have access to CNC machines, and experienced locksmiths often have more imported CNC machines, although domestically produced machines are widely used. Speaking of CNC machines, there are many brands with extensive histories. In this blog, aim to introduce these brands to users.

  1. SILCA

SILCA is a famous Italian key cutting machine brand, established in 1960, its key cutting machines are famous for their high precision, good reliability and wide application range.

  1. JMA

JMA is a world-renowned CNC key cutting machine brand from Spain. Its product line covers mechanical, electronic and multi-axis CNC key cutting machines.

  1. Kaba Ilco

Kaba Ilco is a famous key system supplier from Switzerland and one of the leading brands in the field of CNC key cutting machines.

  1. Keyline

Keyline is a well-known key cutting machine brand from Italy. Its product line covers a variety of models, such as mechanical, semi-automatic and fully automatic CNC key cutting machines.


  1. Xhorse

Xhorse is a well-known key system supplier from China, and its Condor series CNC key cutting machines are favored by users. also offers Dolphin XP-005L and Dolphin 005 key cutting machines on our website, and these machines are shipped directly from the United States, enabling us to provide local customers with faster delivery and better prices. Besides, we have set up technical support center in the US to provide convenient after-sale service.


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