Check Xhorse points & tokens in Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus

As a locksmith, have you learned where to check Xhorse points & tokens in VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad?

Firstly, connect keytool plus to your account after logging in.

  1. CheckBonus Points

Access bonus points information – Combined devices – Add combination

Clicking “Combined devices” will load the page displaying all your combined devices.

Send and enter security code – Add combination

Successfully add combination.

Key tool plus has been added to your account, allowing you to share bonus points within your account.

Navigate to “Combined devices” to find keytool plus listed alongside your other devices. You can now share all the accumulated bonus points.

1.1 Check ID48 96bit copy bonus points:

More – Bonus points > Available bonus points

  1. Check Xhorse tokens

2.1 Check Benz password calculation token 

Go to Immobilizer programming > Benz > Select from system > Password calculation > Start programming > Query the Benz points

2.2. Check VW MQB online token:

Immo programming > All brands> VW > Get immo data online > Start programming > Balance inquiry

That’s all the procedures about how to check Xhorse points and tokens in your vvdi key tool plus.

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