Clone Citroen SpaceTourer Key with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool

A customer approached us inquiring about the compatibility of Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool for cloning a key for his 2017 Citroen SpaceTourer. His specific requirement was to replicate both the immobilizer and central locking functions.


Our engineer offers him the method:

Please generate corresponding vehicle model options with the same frequency and chip options.

VVDI super chip supports generation and copy types
Chip type Generate Copy ID can be rewritten
TEMIC 11 ID11 brand new Support Support
TEMIC 12 ID12 brand new Support Support
MEGAMOS 13 ID13 brand new Support Support
PCF7935 7935 brand new/ID33/40/41/42/44/45/73/Benz 7930 Support ID33/ID42 No ID, full page writable
PCF7936 7936 brand new/ID46 Support Support
PCF7937E ID469(4E)brand new Support Support
PCF7938 ID47 brand new/Honda A/Honda G/Zotye, BAIC Not support Support
PCF7939 ID49 brand new/ID49 American Ford/ID49 Malaysia Not support Support
PCF7946 ID46 brand new Support Support
MEGAMOS 48 48 brand new/TP22/TP23/TP24/TP25 Support Support
TIRIS 4C 4C brand new/4C all 0/4C all F Support Support
TIRIS 4D 4D brand new/ID60/61/62/63/65/66/67/68/69/70/70E Support Support
TIRIS 4D(80) 4D(80)brand new/Toyota 72G/Daihatsu G/83/70
(Toyota Hyundai, Kia, Inlong, Kaiyue)
Support Toyota G/ Daihatsu G/ID70(Hyundai
Kia) /ID83 section
TIRIS 4E 4E brand new/ID64 Support Support
TIRIS AES (8A) 8A brand new/Toyota H-Camry, RAV4, Overdo, etc. /
Toyota H-Corolla
Toyota H copy is supported Support
TEMIC 8C 8C brand new/Ford 8C/ Haima 8C/ Proton 8C Support Support
MEGAMOS 8E 8E brand new Not support Support

Xhorse vvdi mini key tool remote key programmer:

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