What’s Xhorse Toyota OBD-TOOL used for?

Many Xhorse manufacturers are selling Xhorse Toyota OBD-TOOL that has the function for all key lost. They were pushing it in their unique ways. We’re here to clarify everything about Xhorse’s Toyota OBD-TOOL so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

First of all, this Toyota OBD function is for smart remote type vehicles, if you have purchased a mechanical key Toyota adapter device before, there is no functional conflict and duplication with this OBD.

Secondly, this Toyota OBD function can cover part of the functions of the previously purchased Toyota Smart AKL Adapter. After the function upgrade, the OBD can be operated directly without removing the plug of the smart control unit on the car, which is more convenient and safe. However, it should be noted that a small part of models still cannot complete the AKL matching with OBD, and still need to use a smart AKL adapter (the specific model is subject to the type announced by the manufacturer).

In addition, this OBD function has been fully released on the keytool plus, so users who already have a tablet do not need to purchase this OBD device separately. Xhorse Toyota OBD-TOOL can be used with APP on Xhorse vvdi mini key tool and MAX devices, and it is also very convenient to be used with Xhorse other series of products.

The competition among various manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce, and every function is competing to grab the market. As a user, do you know whether you need Xhorse Toyota OBD-TOOL now?

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