Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 Driver Download Free

Xhorse released a new MVCI Pro J2534 passthru cable in May 2023. 

The cable is designed for VAG ODIS, Toyota Techstream, Honda HDS, Subaru SSM4, Ford IDS, Mazda IDS, etc.

  1. Xhorse MVCIPro J2534 Driver Download

Download link:

  1. How to Install Xhorse MVCI Pro j2534 driver?


  1. How to use XhorseMVCI Pro J2534 cable?

  • You need to download software that is compatible with J2534. The device works with the original diagnostic software, but Xhorse does not provide software for download. You can download the software from a third-party website or the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Download and install MVCI Pro J2534 software
  • Plug in the MVCI Pro cable to both your laptop and your vehicle.


  • Launch MVCI Pro driver software and connect J2534 cable.


  • Install yourdesired car drivers, which currently include VW, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, and Subaru. Remember to update them regularly.


  • Verify the current and most recent versions of MVCI Pro’s software and firmware.
  • The present software version is V1.0.3, while the current firmware version is V1.2.0. You can update both the software and firmware online.

  • Setting option

  • After you have successfully installed both the software and device drivers, you can now start diagnosing problems.


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