New! Xhorse MVCI PRO J2534 Cable

Xhorse has introduced a new MVCI Pro J2534 passthrough cable in May. It is a professional diagnostic and programming cable that works with D-PDU and J2534, two of the most common diagnostic standards. This cable is a great alternative to the original testing equipment (it’s better than Mini VCI) because it offers multiple functions in a single device.

  1. Xhorse’s new MVCI PRO J2534 XDMVJ0 Diagnose and Program Cable has the following features:

  • Replaces multiple expensive original setsof equipment and can perform original factory-level vehicle diagnosis and programming.
  • Complies with mainstream automotive industry design standards and supports D-PDU and J2534, two major diagnostic standards.
  • Supports various automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, and Ford.
  • Supports multiple vehicle communication protocols.
  • Supports multiple original factory testing software (and will continue to update).
  • Connected to the PC terminal, it operates more stable and smoothly.
  • The signal light can indicate the device status, making the work more efficient.
  1. What distinguishes the newly releasedXhorse MVCI Pro cable from the old MVCI cable?

Please refer to the comparison table below:


The old MVCI cable does not support D-PDU protocol and is not compatible with many car brands such as VAG, Ford, and Mazda.


  1. What diagnostic software is compatible with MVCI Pro?


  1. What vehicle communication protocols does XhorseMVCI Pro support?

Therefore, the old MVCI is a 3-in-1 cable, whereas the new cable combines all functionalities into a single cable.

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