How to Program Mitsubishi Grandis 24C01 All Keys Lost with VVDI Key Tool Plus

Lose all keys for Mitsubishi Grandis 24C01? No problem! With Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus, you can program a new key in minutes.

Just read the dump and make a dealer key with VVDI Super Chip. No need to write EEPROM. Fast and easy!

To make a dealer key, do the following:

  • Tap Immo data tool > Mitsubishi > Grandis > 2003 – 24C01 > Start.
  • Choose the EEPROM file and select a position (e.g. Key2).
  • Tap Make dealer key > VVDI Super Chip. You don’t need to write EEPROM. Just select a used position.
  • Insert the XT27A66 super chip into the coil of Key Tool Plus and press OK.
  • You should see a success message. The key is ready to start the engine.

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