Xhorse VVDI Prog No-Welding Adapter Program Cable Function

Xhorse produces several no-soldering adapters that are specifically made for use with tablets and mini prog.

These adapters are sought after by VVDI PROG users who may lack the expertise in manual soldering and want to minimize the possibility of data read/write errors.

Unfortunately, these adapters are not compatible with VVDI PRO, but the recent introduction of the vvdi prog no-welding adapter program cable has resolved this issue.

As a result, VVDI PRO users who want to read BMW, Volvo, Porsche, and Land Rover data can now use a non-welding adapter for safer and non-welding compatibility, breaking the restriction of only being able to use a tablet and programmer.

Support list:

  1. How does cable connect to VVDI PROG and adapters

  1. Read BMWcas3 0l15y data using vvdi prog, vvdi prog no-welding adapter program cable and solderless adapter


Take out the CAS3 module>> launch the VVDI Prog software>> choose BMW CAS3+ 0L15Y with adapter>>refer to the connection diagram to establish the connection

Ensure that you read the ID accurately, which starts mask 0L15Y.

Read EEPROM>> Read Dflash and save, flash may take slightly longer to read

  • Save data.
  • Xhorse XDPGSOGL solderless adapter works excellently.

  1. Xhorse vvdi progno-welding adapter program cable price

The price of this adapter cable is relatively low, making it easier for users to accept.

Note: This adapter cable is only intended to be used with solderless adapters and does not have the capability to expand the read and write data functions on its own.

Customers should purchase the corresponding solderless adapter for their specific vehicle model based on their work requirements.

VVDI Prog Adapters recommended on Xhorseshop.us:

VVDI Prog Bosch ECU Adapter(NEW!)

Price: $65

Support Reading ISN from BMW ECU N20 N55 N38.

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