Easy Battery Replacement for Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Some customers encounter battery issues with Xhorse Key Tool Max, including difficulties in charging and rapid depletion from 90% to 10% within 10 minutes.

Here is the solution:

Replacing the battery is recommended. You can purchase a replacement battery from Xhorse, specifically designed for key tool max or consider using a higher capacity battery.

Please note that replacing the battery requires soldering skills, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during the process. If you are unsure or concerned about potential damage, it is advisable to send the device back for battery replacement.


Battery replacement method:

One of our customers successfully replaced his key tool max battery with a 3.7 5000mAh battery. They made minor modifications to the case to ensure a perfect fit. So far, the device functions flawlessly, lasting throughout the day without any issues.




key-tool-max-05.jpeg key-tool-max-06.jpeg

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