Xhorse Remote: Does it Work with Dodge VIPER?

One of our customers recently asked if his Dodge VIPER remote is compatible with Xhorse or KD.


Enginner from Xhorseshop.us offers the answer:

Yes, it works with Xhorse. You can find the following information on Xhorse APP.




To identify the vehicle types that the Xhorse remote is compatible with and select the appropriate remote, follow these steps:

  • Install the XhorseAPP on your smartphone.


  • Locate the VVDI Mini Key Tool section within the app.
  • Access the remote generation menu within the VVDI Mini Key Tool section.
  • Look up the desired car model in the available options.
  • Once you have chosen the car model, you will find a selection of supported remote key types.
  • Select the appropriate remote key type based on the compatibility indicated.

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