Cut dimple keys with Xhorse condor II or dolphin xp007

Our customers often ask us which Xhorse key cutting machines can be used to cut dimple keys. We told them that only dolphin xp007 or condor xc-mini plus ii can do it.


And we have made a list of other related questions:

  1. CanXhorse condor xc-mini plus ii cut dimple keys like keso, kaba?

Yes, but it needs to work with M5 clamp.

  1. Which cutter should be used whencutting dimple keys with condor mini plus 2?

Dimple cutters are additional accessories and can be purchased separately.

  1. Which key cutter is suitable for cutting dimple keys using dolphin xp007?

Using the cutter comes with XP007 package.

  1. Which Xhorse key cutting machineis capable of cutting dimple, tibbe, and barrel keys?

Condor mini plus 2 

  1. Is condor II able to customize dimple keys??

Yes, it is.

  1. Is condor mini plus 2capable of directly copying dimple keys and also copying them by code, such as Abus, Bks, and other brands?

Yes, it is.

  1. Is condor 2 capable of cutting Yale dimple keys similar to this?

Yes, it is.

  1. Can condor 2 handle the cutting of multi-lock dimple keys?

Absolutely, dolphin xp007 is also capable of performing this task.

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